Did you used to be an 80's skater and want to relive your youth? Are you new to skating and want to learn some awesome skills, or even just to stand up and stop? Do you need a great stress relief for the end of your busy day? Training for derby and want to learn the skills ahead of the pack? Want to get fit without even knowing your exercising? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Skatercise is for you!!!

This is a fun brand new program written by Skatescool, that is guaranteed to have you addicted and coming back for more!

We also have fresh meat derby girls training with us to get the skills needed that will ensure them a place in their chosen derby league.

The skills you will be learning in Skatercise are basic skills from starting and stopping to heel toes spins, skating on your two front or back wheels, skating on one foot, jumping, and we also touch on Jam skating, which is kind of like dancing on skates, but cool dancing like hip hop, We will learn to moonwalk, do a grapevine and lots lots more.

If you're a bit daunted by this, don't worry most people who walk through our doors the first say to me "I haven't skated in 20 years", now they are zooming around on 4 wheels and some even 2!

We do some fitness in the class and you will get a great work out. A lady last week burnt 1100 calories in class and she didn't even know she was exercising as she was having so much fun. 

Dress up - yeah we like to dress up, you will find once a month we will pick a theme and skate in that. Tutus, 80's formal, PJ skates are some just to name a few. You don't have to be involved in dressing up, but hey next week john will be wearing a tutu, you don't want to miss that!


Our skaters are also a part of an online group who regularly chat and meet up for social skates. We all share a love of skating and you will fast make lots of new friends. 
So come and have a go at this super friendly class that will keep you coming back for more.

Skatercise students get 10% off full priced products in our store. 

Bookings essential - email or call 8431 2792 for more information. 
Ages 16+

Skaters have a choice of inline skates or quads. Protective gear is also available for use as part of the skate hire

Keep your eye on this page for details and subscribe to the Skatescool newsletter to keep updated. 


If you skate with Skatescool more than once we ask that you become a Skatescool member. Being a member gives you the following benefits;

- You become part of a club
- Membership card 
- Invitation to all Skatescool events
- Quarterly newsletter 
- Accident insurance at any Skatescool event 
- Skate bag
- $10 gift voucher for our pro shop

Membership is $75 per year.