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Michelle Never Stop Skating Tank Top

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Meet Michelle. She spent her teens on skates and worked at the local skate rink. Full time work dragged her away from skating in her 20's and she sadly forgot the awesomeness of it for a time. But dont fret, she found her skates again in her 30's and will never stop skating again.

Michelle found her skates again after watching the movie Whip It. Her favourite scene was was when the three girls skated into the shop to hand out flyers for a derby bout. She could see the freedom they felt skating and knew she wanted to feel that again. The next day Michelle strapped on her skates (from the 80's) and set her mind to trying out for derby. Skates were promptly upgraded and she got into a league but fell pregnant shortly after. Then just 6 weeks after the birth of her first child, she was out skating again. 5 years later and in now her 40's she still has her skates on every week. 

Michelle says "Now I have found skating again, I'll never give it up. My body is getting older but I never want to loose the feeling of freedom I find when Im skating. I can't wait to skate with my son and love the community of skaters I know. Be like Michelle and Never Stop Skating again. 

Never stop skating is a brand for all, skaters who know without a doubt that skating will always be in their life. Join the Never Stop Skating movement and get your tee today.