Moxi Lolly ColourLab Addon

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The Moxi Lolly boot is available in 9 shades of suede; Poppy Red, Clementine Orange, Pineapple Yellow, Honeydew Lime, Floss Teal, Pool Blue, Taffy Purple, Fuchsia and Strawberry Pink.

Here you can order a mismatched set, made to order, for an additional $150. Since they are made by hand, they will ship between 6-10 weeks from date of order. Don't worry, we'll keep in contact throughout from order placement to delivery.

This is the custom charge only. If you want to order a ColourLab set of Moxi Lolly Roller Skates, you will need to also purchase the stock option for what you want changed. Ie, if you wanted a left Floss Teal and a right Fuchsia boot combination attached to wheels and plates as a package, you would purchase the package first and add this custom charge to cart as a 2nd item.

Note: Your order will be considered a "custom order" once you add this product, therefore there will be no exchange or refund available. Once payment is received, a custom order can not be cancelled. We will do our best to assist you with any questions or concerns before your order is placed. We suggest trying on the skates to ensure the correct size before ordering.

If you would like to discuss placing a ColourLab order, please feel free to email

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