Powerslide- Aeon Lomax 60 USD Aggressive Inline Skates

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Nick Lomax has been destroying Barcelona and anything else in his path since he first strapped on a pair of Aeon skates, so it only makes sense that he receives the first signature Aeon Model. His signature Aeon comes in a sleek matte black and features a 60mm wheel setup. The Nick Lomax Aeon Skate features a brand new My Fit Skinny Boy Liner, which allows the fit of two shoe sizes in just one shell. This eliminates any confusion in regards to sizing and ensures a perfect fit every time.

The USD Aeon skate is a revolutionary concept that has been designed and refined by the top USD designers and pro skaters. The USD Aeon skate is the first skate in the modern era to utilise a Unibody construction, which translated means that the shell, soul plate, and frame are all one solid piece. The benefits to this design include a lighter skate, less hardware and less headaches, and a lower centre of gravity which directly translates into more control.Additional features include a new Aeon Shock Absorber, replaceable 45° Velcro Power strap, and an adjustable V-Cut Cuff.

Sizing: These skates come in 2 sizes per pair
39/40: 25.1cm - 25.8 cm
41/42: 26.5cm - 27.2cm
43/44: 27.9cm - 28.6cm
45/46: 29.3cm - 30.0cm


    Unibody Construction
    60mm flat frame
    low profile counter-sunk wheel cut outs
    internal reinforcements
    256mm wheel base
    60mm USD Wheels
    ABEC 7 bearings
    replaceable 45° Velcro Power strap.
    2-way rockerable V-Cuff
    Aeon Shock Absorber.
    NEW My Fit Skinny Boy DUAL FIT Liner