Skatercise Magill Lesson

The skills you will be learning in Skatercise are basic skills from starting and stopping to heel toes spins, skating on your two front or back wheels, skating on one foot, jumping, and we also touch on Jam skating, which is kind of like dancing on skates, but cool dancing like hip-hop, We will learn to moonwalk, do a grapevine and lots lots more. If you're a bit daunted by this, don't worry most people who walk through our doors the first say to me I haven't skated in 20 years, now they are zooming around on 4 wheels!

Please arrive at least 15 mins before class starts. 

If you select No hire and then choose a shoe size, we will assume that you wrongly put in a default skate size and will not bring hire to your class. 

If you are hiring, the skates are in US men's sizes, ladies usually need to go down 1 to 2 sizes for US men's. Ie I am a size 7 and I take a skate size 5. Men can just pick the size they are.  Bookings with hire need to be made prior to 4pm on the day of the booked class to ensure availability  

No hire $18, with hire $23.

If you have skated with us more than once, we do ask that you are a current skatescool member so that you remain covered for insurance. If you choose not to take up the membership, you will NOT be covered by Skatescool's insurance policy