Street Sledge

Street Sledge Green Rocket

Street Sledge Green Rocket-Green w/Black Wheels

Street Sledge Green Rocket/Green Deck with Black SS Rollers (Wheels)

The pan like construction of Street Sledge is unique and is designed to keep the rider comfortably in place with a low centre of balance. The easy carry handles double up as grips giving the rider more control over the board when leaning to steer through twists and turns.

Specifications Deck: 780 mm x 400 mm

Plastic bre mix construction Trucks: 180 mm

Raw Nish Wheels 70 mm x 50 mm

78a Steering: Tilt steering

Weight: 3.8 kg

Advisory user age: 8 Years and over / Max rider weight: 90 kg

A skate helmet, knee and elbow pads should be worn when using the Street Sledge - Use in a safe area away from traffic and pedestrians - Wear appropriate footwear - Do not use at speeds beyond your control


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