About Us


Skatescool opened in late 2012 and started off as predominantly a skate school. Since then we have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of students to roller skate through various learn to skate programs, events, work shops and adult fitness classes. Skatescool Australia has also a developed a 10-week school curriculum program which we have been successfully running in South Australia.  Skatescool run private roller discos for birthday parties. These are a great hit!

Our mission is to instill a life long love of skating into as many people as we can and simultaneously help them become awesome skaters.

Why we're passionate about skating

  1. It's impossible not to smile when you're skating
  2. It gives you self confidence
  3. It's good for your health
  4. It's just plain fun


In mid 2015 we opened our shop in Erindale South Australia and have been helping beginner and expreienced skaters with their skating needs Australia wide.

Skatescool is owned and operated by a skater,  our shop staff are instructors also and have an indepth knowledge about what product will best suit your needs. All our staff are passionate skaters.

We can proudly say we know our skates and we know how to skate.

Opening Hours

Mon - Wed 10.30am to 5pm
Thurs 10.30am to 6.30pm
Friday 10.30am to 4pm
Saturday 10m to 4pm


Come and see us in store at 368a Kensington Road, Erindale SA 5067.

We have ample parking and only a few minutes from the city.

or call us for advice on
08 8431 2792.

Our Staff

Skatescool instructors are passionate about skating. Most of them live and breathe skating. We all love coaching too!

All Skatescool Australia instructors have undergone the below training and hold the following certificates (as a minimum):

  • National police clearance
  • Hold a current first aid certificate
  • Beginning Coaching General Principles
  • Play by the Rules
  • Community Coaching Training Program
  • Child Safe Officer Course

Kerryn has had over 35 years of skating experience. Her first employment was at the Blackwood Recreation Centre as a skating instructor. She spent 30+ hours a week through her teens at the skate rink, and simply loves being on 8 wheels.

Later in life Roller Derby gained Kerryn's interest. In 2010 she tried out for Adelaide Roller Derby and was accepted onto the Wild Hearses team. Shortly after she fell pregnant, had her beautiful son Harry and decided to give Roller Derby up.

After leaving Roller Derby Kerryn had a big skating hole in her life. She knew she wanted to share her passion of skating with as many people as she could, so in 2012 she developed a recreational skating program for children and started by teaching one class a week. She has grown Skatescool to what it is today and continues to teach classes (although not as many), you will mainly find her working in our shop and on the development of Skatescool.

Socially Kerryn has a passion for Jam skating and we must say is a little obsessed with it.

Below you will see Kerryn's son Harry at 4 years old learning how to change a bearing. You may see him in our shop dusting and the like for his pocket money.

Dash started skating as a youngster at the Blackwood Recreation centre, loved the skate parties and just the feeling of flying  on her skates. She kept up a little bit of skating and ended up trying in-lines before her teen years when she moved overseas. After moving and spending 4 years in Asia, Dash moved back to Adelaide to eventually rediscover her love of skating in the sport of Roller Derby.

Dash is in her 8th year of Roller Derby where she has learnt most of her skills on wheels. Dash played previously for the Murder City Roller Girls (MCRG) travel team Homicidolls and home team Dames of Hazard of which she captained. Currently, Dash plays for Adelaide Roller Derby in the Wild Hearse team, but was a former Salty Doll.

Dash was a trainer at MCRG and helped train beginners to become roller girls, she has been coaching at Skatescool since 2015 and instructs both the Campbelltown & Goodwood classes.

Dash also runs the Skatescool events, teaching in school programs, OHSC skating and council events. She has taught thousands of students to skate in her time at Skatescool.

If she is not at a lesson, workshop or skate event, you will find her working in our retail store. Dash has an extensive knowledge of skate produts and skating and we cant think of anyone better to represent Skatescool. In Feb 2017 Dash became Skatescool's first permanent part time employee.

Dash is still as passionate about teaching skating as the first day she came to skatescool and she can’t wait to help all of you become your own Roller Stars too!

Scrim got her first taste of skating in 2012 when she went to see the Adelaide Roller Derby Grand Final. Keen to become her own skating hero she joined Gawler Roller Derby League, then Brawling Matildas and finally Adelaide Roller Derby in 2015 where she skates for The Road Train Rollers under the name "Invader Scrim".

Scrim enjoys all things Roller Derby, has recently become a trainer in ADRD and now teaches both our Marion Learn to Skate and Skatercise classes.

Scrim also works as a Bartender in one of Adelaides Live Music venues as well as part time as a Chef.

Scrim is really looking forward to running some classes and being able to help people find their love of skating!

One of the best skaters we know Nikita will be heading up the Aggressive Skating Workshops.  She will be assisted by one of three seasoned Skatescool coaches who will also be there to learn from her.

It blows our mind that Nikita is just 15 years old and holds a certificate IV in Training & Assessment. She will blow your mind with her aggressive skating skills. Nikita has also worked for Skatescool over the last couple of years in both in a coaching and event coordination capacity.  

Nikita has so much skating experience we don't have enough room to on this page to write it all so in brief here is a little bit about her skating career so far.

Skating since 2007, Nikita is a triple threat, she skates Ramp, Junior Derby and can also Jam Skate. Nikita has always enjoyed coaching and is practiced in breaking down  concepts into palatable chunks of information efficiently & effectively.

She played roller derby with Lil Adelaide Rollers (derby name was Trip Trap Slap) for around 2 – 3 years, but eventually stopped to concentrate on her Ramp Skills.

She discovered Jam in  2014 – the skate equivalent of hip-hop / rap dancing. Jam skating is a huge amount of fun and extremely challenging. While she only spent about a year practicing, she still loves busting out moves to tunes.

Nikita's true passion lies on ramps. She has been ramp skating since 2011 and loves every minute of it. When she first began, she was completely unaware there were other roller skaters who also shared her passion, so she invented / learned all her skills from scratch. This means she has a unique skill set and years of experience pushing the boundaries of what she could do. She is now sponsored by Chicks in Bowls (CiB).

A couple of highlights of her skating career from the last couple of years includes: Planning, hosting and skating in the 2016 TGSSSS (The Great Southern Slam Skatepark Showdown) through Chicks in Bowls Adelaide with some of the best skaters from Australia and New Zealand. She was also sponsored by Newcastle Roller Derby League to attend the 2013 Rollerpalooza, a national ramp skating event in Newcastle, NSW. She participated in advanced demos for Melbourne Roller Derby Shredageddon and Rollerpalooza 2013 & 2015.

Now Nikita has the pleasure of bringing her passion and skill to you. We can't wait!

Daniel as been skating for 30 years. He first started around the age of 12  and took a lot of inspiration from the big US professionals of the mid 1980's.

After learning in his driveway, then cruising the streets of Adelaide, Daniel started skating ramps and half-pipes in  Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and even in South Korea ! Currently his favourite skate-spots are Ridge Park on Glen Osmond Road, and the new City Park.

Daniel also loves teaching and has spent six months in South Korea teaching English to kids and students of all ages, and has also taught Computer Animation to secondary school students and colleagues in the industry.

His favourite ramp trick is a "frontside 5-0 grind with a nose grab".

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